• Vibration analysis, analysing data getting from sensors
  • Generator winding and temperature measurement analysis
  • Warming when getting load
  • Control of heating cooling systems
  • Bearing oil analysis
  • Cavitation analysis. Making comparisons by entering previously made analyses into the system.
  • Production estimates to be made during the hours when electricity is expensive with water level ( lake area, forebay, etc.) monitoring
  • Tracking overflow times and making production planning with prior warning of the plant
  • Su yollarının Su iletim kanalı veya iletim tüneli (basınçsız) veya Enerji tüneli (Basınçlı) veya cebri boru v.s sensörler ile takibi
  • Comparison of weather forecast and productions (river-type power plants)
  • Bathymetric measurement analysis
  • Transformers isolation, oil and gas analysis
  • Monitoring all electro mechanics devices at power plant ( battery, UPS situation, energy quality meter, internal transformer, diesel generator monitoring)