General View – 1

  • Availability
  • Capacity factor
  • Turbine situations
  • Fault situations and classification
    • Manufacturer sourced
    • Environmentally sourced
    • Sourced from the turbine owner
  • Alarm lists
  • Displaying fields on the map
  • Display of turbines specific to the fields
  • Turbine communication conditions
  • Instant, total and monthly production
  • Total installed power
  • Earning situation
  • Turbine-based production, availability, wind speed graphically displays
  • Current, voltage information
  • Active/ reactive/ apparent power information
    • Graphical representations
  • Frequency information
  • Cos Phi value monitoring

General View – 2

  • Power transformers’ oil and gas analysis software
  • Generator, battery, redresser, internal need transformer
  • Communication, protection, control and signal box


  • Indoor energy quality meter, data logger information
  • Outdoor device information
  • By matching the turbine SCADA clock with TEİAŞ / EDAŞ clocks, monitoring of the issues such as who caused the problem and what it harms in cases such as grid-induced voltage rise and drop
  • Monitoring and managing fields close to each other from a single centre
Basari EMS Capabilities:
  • Analysis of losses in availability;
    • You can see how much availability loss occurred on which date and time in detailed analysis.
    • Availability losses can be seen during out-of-hours.
  • It gives us an idea about the intervention capacity of the turbine company.
  • We offer the opportunity to add and remove the above-mentioned services on the Home page under favour of customizable design.

Examination of Ambient Conditions-1

  • Minimum and maximum wind speed monitoring with field based.
  • Average, minimum and maximum wind speed monitoring with turbine based.
  • Minimum and maximum air temperature monitoring with field based.
  • Minimum and maximum air temperature monitoring with turbine based.
  • Minimum and maximum wind direction monitoring with field based.
  • Average, minimum and maximum wind direction with turbine based.

With Basari EMS software;

  • You can compare with wind direction and production.
  • You can monitor turbulence analysis and its effects on production.
  • If there is a restriction in the turbines;
  • You can decide whether there is an obstacle in the turbine operation by analysing the alarms falling on the turbines in winds coming from the direction of the wind that requires restriction. You can contact the manufacturer company and remove the restrictions and increase production.

Examination of Ambient Conditions-2

  • You can continuously evaluate the icing on the blades and turbines with relative humidity measurements, fog and air temperature measurements.

With Basari EMS software;

  • We can integrate the forecasts taken from wind forecast companies into the Basari EMS system. Thus, you can inculcate wind forecast companies to correct their predictions and increase their accuracy. By this way, buying and selling will be possible with more accurate wind estimates in electricity trade.
  • You can also continuously compare data from different forecast companies. Based on these multiple predictions, you can get a highly developed prediction using advanced blending techniques. Basari EMS's prediction optimization method enables optimized blending of predictions using advanced machine learning strategies.

Detailed Production And Loss Analysis

  • In power plants; The losses are calculated by taking measurement values ​​from the transformer outputs over the turbine generator output, turbine transformer output, metal clad measurement chamber.
  • You can get detailed information about turbine internal consumption, cable losses, transformer losses, power plant internal consumption.
  • You can check the turbine energy consumption and whether it is compatible with the values ​​promised in the technical specifications.
  • You can make comparisons with load flow analysis and loss analysis made during the projecting design.
  • You can monitor and report the changes in values ​​by committing the maintenance operations such as transformer oil and gas analysis into the system.
  • If there is a need for reactive power, you can determine where this service is needed regionally and examine the suggestions for a solution.
  • The lost production is calculated on a monthly basis, the causes of the loss are analysed and reported. Suggestions are offered for improvements.
  • Production losses are classified, the loss factor is calculated every month, efforts to decrease the loss factor in the future are suggested.
  • You can easily detect source of loss factor and improve betterment.
  • Manufactures are monitored continuously to get best performance from turbine.
  • We aim to minimise the loss of production due to malfunctions.
  • It is ensured that scheduled maintenance is carried out according to meteorological data. Optimum time periods and dates are determined for scheduled maintenance.

Detailed Power Curve Analysis

  • Power Curve analyses are generally ignored, as turbine companies guarantee time-based availability.
  • Since Power Curves affect the production amount, it is our main goal to reach the contractual promised powers or even higher power values.
  • With the Basari EMS software, we constantly monitor the power curves, determine whether the guaranteed values ​​under the contract have been reached and warn you.
  • We recommend contacting the turbine service provider by providing concrete evidence.
  • We offer you solution suggestions to improve low power curve curves.
  • Due to the power curve analysis, there will be serious increases in monthly production.
  • With power curve analyses, the turbine service provider will know that they are constantly being followed, and will make the service and maintenance services more attentive. Power plants will stand out as service maintenance services from other power plants.

Malfunction Root Cause Analysis

  • We analyse detailed data with malfunction registries, cms registries , warn signals, alarm signals from turbines.

At Basari EMS:

  • We develop models using distributed algorithms using H2O.ai, Tensorflow, Keras, ML / DL software infrastructures in the big data at our company.

To these models;

  • We follow alarm and signal records, determine the root causes of alarms according to their arrival frequency and turbine technical specifications, and make predictions before possible major component failures in the future, and we prevent long-term stops.
  • Scoring the trained models:
    • It is aimed to score models by developing scoring software suitable for Decoy and Rendezvous architectures and to use the best model in your field.
    • Detection of unusual situations is made continuously.
    • In summary, basing data on trend analysis and machine learning results, we are able to continuously monitor the status of the most critical components of business assets and recommend timely intervention to prevent failures.
    • You can contact with your turbine service provider due to result of Basari EMS analysis.
  • You can request similar analysis on the problem from turbine service provider. Results can be compared and you can even request detailed inspection reports on the turbines.